What is the cost of dental implants in Utah?

How much does a dental implant cost? Although this may seem like a simple question, there’s actually a lot that goes into the pricing factors. Things like the number of dental implants needed, the state of the gums, jaw bone structure, etc. all contribute to the cost.

With that said, we will provide the information to help you determine if dental implants are the right choice for your oral health. Single implants can cost anywhere from $2,000 – $4,000, depending on the patient’s circumstances and oral health. We recommend scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Craven to determine the best treatment plan for your unique needs.

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What Influences the Cost of Dental Implants in Utah?

When it comes to determining the cost of implants, we’ve broken it into four main categories: Dental Experience, Medical Conditions, Mouth Preparations and Cost of Materials.

1. Dental Experience

Some dentists have more experience with dental implants than others. Just like physicians, there are specialists and then there are general providers. When it comes to dental implants, it’s important to work with a dentist with years of experience. 

The more years of experience a dentist has with dental implants, the more likely they are to adjust to your exact needs. But quality dental implants come at a higher price. If the dentist is booked out for implant appointments, they may charge more for their strong, positive reputation. When it comes to teeth, this is definitely worth the investment. 

2. Medical Conditions

The dentist will need to know if you have any medical conditions that could affect the dental implant surgery. If a person has been missing teeth for many years, the dentist will need to check if the jaw bone has been reabsorbed. If so, this may require a bone graft. 

Smoking is another bad habit that could negatively impact the success of dental implants. Chewing tobacco, alcohol and other substances can also cause problems with the long-term stability of the surgery. 

These conditions can contribute to the overall cost of dental implants because it may require more work for the dentist to ensure a successful tooth implant. 

3. Mouth Preparations

How many dental implants are you planning to install? If a person only has a few teeth, they may need to be extracted in order to perform an All-on-4 operation. This basically means the dentist can do four implants and use bridges to connect the gaps. This can actually make the cost of the tooth replacement much cheaper. 

But for those with a mouthful of healthy teeth, you may only need one or two tooth implants. This requires a bit less mouth preparation, while making sure the patient receives quality dental care. However, the dentist will still need to take X-Rays to assess the options for the patient. 

4. Cost of Materials

The materials needed to construct dental implants are actually somewhat expensive. Dentists have to order custom tooth shapes based on the structure of a patient’s mouth. This includes the screw (or post) that is drilled into the bone, as well as the tooth cap. Thus, the number of implants will affect the cost of dental implants in Utah.

Local anesthesia will also contribute to the cost. Whether a patient opts for laughing gas or IV sedation, these are materials that will add to the overall bill. Some dentists also use special tools to ensure optimal comfort and success for a dental implant operation.

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We put the patient experience first

Our process delivers superior patient results by minimizing the stress that can accompany major dental work.

  1. All treatment is provided in one location.
  2. Our proven procedure means less chair time, more healing, less swelling, and far less discomfort.
  3. Most importantly, we are committed to providing every patient with the best possible care, clearly stated costs, and the experience and expertise to make every case a success.

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Only the longest-lasting materials

Teeth Tomorrow implant bridges made from Prettau Zirconia (the most durable dental material available) do not chip, crack, or stain like acrylic bridges with denture teeth.  Prettau Zirconia is non-porous with a high density, so it does not attract plaque or odors like acrylic. Teeth and gums are sculpted from one piece of zirconia, so there is no chance of individual teeth falling out or breaking.

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Superior quality, custom-made bridges

All Teeth Tomorrow permanent implant bridges are designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art computer-assisted technology (CAD/CAM) at Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory. They are precision-milled from a solid block of Prettau Zirconia, then hand-finished to complement the patient’s unique facial characteristics. All Prettau bridges carry a 5-year warranty against any type of failure.

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Getting you the teeth you’ve always wanted

Every Teeth Tomorrow Prettau Zirconia bridge enables the patient to bite, chew, and speak without experiencing any shifting, slipping, or pain.  Once the dentist and patient approve a 3-D computer image model, the bridge is customized and hand-finished to create a natural-looking smile that is virtually indistinguishable from healthy teeth and gums.  Finished Prettau Zirconia bridges resist the fading, staining, and discoloration associated with other dental materials.

What is the Dental Implant Process?

Plan on this procedure taking some time. There are a number of steps a dentist will take to ensure a successful oral procedure. Ultimately, the goal of the oral surgeon is to make sure the dental implant procedure results in reduced bone loss and enhanced natural teeth. This process can include the following steps: 

  • Examination: In addition to traditional X-Rays, Dr. Craven uses a state-of-the-art 3D X-Ray to scan the entire mouth and jaw structure. 
  • Consultation: The dentist will go over the options that are best suited for your oral healthcare. Whether that means placing All-on-4 dental implants or just replacing a missing tooth, Dr. Craven will recommend the right treatment plan. 
  • Preparation: This can include tooth extractions, bone graft or site preservation, or just a regular dental cleaning. 
  • Implant Placement: Dr. Craven will place the dental implant’s titanium tooth root. This is screwed into the bone and acts as a root for the artificial tooth. Then a crown is placed as a cap, with the tooth shape customized to the patient’s mouth and bite. 
  • Check-ins: After a dental implant is installed, Dr. Craven wants to ensure the success of the procedure. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, he’s always happy to make adjustments to ensure you have the smile you deserve. 

Although this seems like a lot, it’s well worth the time and effort. Other dental solutions like dentures are often less comfortable. They are less expensive than implants, but dentures cannot preserve the jaw bone the way dental implants do.

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Financing Dental Implants with Haven Dental Center

The cost of dental implants in Utah can certainly be an expensive procedure. Before considering financing, check with your dental insurance provider to see if they can cover all, or even portions, or the procedure. At Haven Dental Center, we provide care for patients from northern Utah to Salt Lake City.

If insurance doesn’t cover your needs, we provide financing options to ensure you can still have access to quality dental care. Many financing providers offer no-interest and low-interest loans for elective medical procedures such as dental implants. 

Dental implants don’t just improve your appearance, but it also enhances your oral health. A full set of permanent teeth can make chewing and eating a pleasurable experience again. Having permanent teeth installed can also preserve important facial features. This is an important investment for your long-term happiness and comfort. 

Make sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Craven. Don’t let the cost of dental implants deter you from improving your oral health. Our team at Haven Dental Center is always happy to work with our patients to find the perfect treatment plan for their needs. Our office is located in Pleasant View City, UT.


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