Teledentistry is the newest upgrade to our services focused on giving you, our patients, a completely safe, virtual consultation experience to get the oral care you need. Although virtual consultations have been around for years, we recognize that scheduling a virtual dental consultation in Pleasant View is the safest method for our patients before coming into our office for an appointment. This will give you peace of mind as we provide you with fast, professional suggestions based on your current, or future, dental needs.

Let’s take a look at what a virtual consultation using ‘My TeleDentist’ looks like for you!

What does a Virtual Dental Consultation Look Like?

When you schedule your first virtual dental consultation, you’ll be in contact with your dentist to send them any details about your current dental needs. You’ll be in constant contact up until the appointment time and throughout. Your dentist will conduct a video chat with you through your smartphone, laptop, or any other device with an internet connection, a camera, and microphone capabilities. Your consultation will work just like an in-office visit.

The dentist will ask questions about any pain or symptoms and let you know of any treatments that may be needed to address any issues. If it can be solved by changing a simple at-home routine or adopting other aspects of your dental hygiene, they’ll provide you with a virtual plan. If something more is needed, you’ll be notified if the problem requires an in-person exam or treatment.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Dental Consultation?

Due to COVID-19, we know conducting your normal routine can bring on anxiety, especially if you’re considered a high-risk individual. Thankfully, with virtual dental consultations, you can have your oral hygiene routine kept on course without leaving the safety of your home.

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy from using ‘My TeleDentist’ :

  • The complete virtual examination experience using photo and video exchange to make services safe and accessible.
  • Your dentist can send over any anti-biotics or medications needed by prescription after your virtual consultation.
  • Your follow-up visits can be scheduled virtually as well to make sure your dental needs are taken care of.
  • Dental insurance is starting to offer special coverages for virtual dental appointments. Check with your insurance to be aware of any changes.

These are only a few advantages of using ‘My TeleDentist’ for your next dentist appointment.

Scheduling a Virtual Dental Consultation in Pleasant View

When you sign-up to schedule your virtual dental consultation through ‘My TeleDentist’, we promise to provide you with fast responses, professional solutions to most oral/dental care problems at any time and anywhere.

As a dentist in Pleasant View who has established a reputation for excellence and compassion with his patients, Dr. Craven is a dentist you can undoubtedly trust with even the most complex of dental procedures. This, coupled with our friendly, knowledgeable staff and office that is comfortable and modern, makes it clear Haven Dental Center should always be your first choice for you and your family’s dental needs.

Don’t stop your routine just because of COVID-19! Schedule your virtual dental consultation, today or feel free to call us at 801-333-3456!

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